Peanut Patties

Peanut Patties are an old fashioned favorite enjoyed by many people in the southern US. They are made by Tyler Candy in Tyler, Texas (of course). You will not be disappointed.

Peanut Patties Memories

I was a six-year-old in northeast Louisiana when I bought my first piece of candy. It was a peanut patty. There was a small neighborhood store near our house; and when I attained the rank of a first-grader, I was allowed to walk across the street by myself. The year was 1957. I had walked home from school, and I was still wearing my school attire: black and white saddle oxfords and a full, starched skirt. I remember standing in the cool darkness of the store, reaching into my very own plastic wallet, and bringing out a nickel. Not only was this my first candy purchase, it was also my first purchase in life.

I had forgotten this memory until I ran across a peanut patty in an airport terminal some 45 years later. Eating that peanut patty took me back to the very instant of my first one. I thank you for making them available to me again! ~ Katherine from New Jersey

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