Pecan Log Rolls by Stuckey's

Pecan Log Rolls History

While it's not exactly known who created the very first pecan log roll, many would argue that it was Mrs. Stuckey who actually perfected it. The signature item within all Stuckey's stores and the "must have" purchase during family travel stops from the 1950's through today, the candy was first made in the candy kitchen attached to each store.  

 In eight Stuckey's stores in the years after World War II, employees faithfully followed Mrs. Stuckey's original southern recipe. The maraschino cherry-laced nougat was hand dipped in hot, creamy melted caramel, then before cooling, freshly shelled pecan halves would be liberally sprinkled onto the caramel. Each pecan log roll was hand wrapped and delivered straight to the customer.

Pecan Log Rolls Memories

Pecan Log Rolls

My first experience with this candy was when I was twelve (12) years old. My aunt Hattie lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and she would send my grandmother this candy every year at Christmas time or she would bring her some when she would come to visit us. This candy was so good, my grandmother would hide it from us but we would find it everytime and eat off of it. Oh, yes we gota whipping but to me the candy was worth it. I am sixty-six (66) years old now and I never will forget how good this candy is. I truly love this candy. Thank You. ~ Ann from Alabama

Pecan Log Rolls

When I was 11 in '67 my dad was in the Air Force and he was stationed to New Hampshire. We lived overseas when I was born and I had never been in the U.S. When we arrived in California my dad decided that he would drive us there so that we could see the beautiful countryside. He mapped out our whole trip making sure that we would stop for gas where there was a Stuckey's store. I thought I was in candy heaven the first time I walked in one. With many candies later my favorite became the pecan roll wrapped in cellophane. After that my dad made sure he bought plenty at every Stuckey's. I must have had three months supply of pecan rolls when we arrived. A year later we repeated the trip back to California. Our stops, can you guess? Stuckey's and pecan rolls! ~Jean from California

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