Skor is a delicious Hershey's milk chocolate candy bar with a crisp butter toffee center.

Skor Candy Bar History

Skor was first marketed in US in 1981 as competition for the Heath bar produced by the Heath Company. Despite Hershey's acquisition of the brand in 1996 and subsequent production of the Heath bar under the Hershey name, the company continues to market the Skor bar.  

 Skor is Swedish for "shoes," and the crown that appears in the product's logo is identical to that found in the Swedish national emblem. Shoes?? We don't see the connection either.

Skor Candy Bar Memories

My favorite candy bar as a kid was the Skor bar. Whenever my father would get ready to go to the store, I would call out to him, "Daddy, will you please get me a SKOR"? He would shout back, "Yup. I am going to the STORE". I would then shout, "No! Skor!! Will you bring me back a SKOR"!?! He would holler back, "The STORE? You want me to bring you back the whole STORE"?? We would go back and forth like this and he would continue to pretend not to understand what I wanted.

Then, upon his return, he would unpack the groceries. The last thing out of the bag, without fail, was always my beloved Skor bar! When I saw Skors on your website, all of this came rushing back to me...and made me smile. Can't wait to taste a Skor again! Thanks. ~ Kathy from Ohio

I absolutely adore Skor bars. They're the best toffee I've ever had, and it's a shame that I can't find them anymore. My mom and I used to take great pleasure making Skor cake, a Devil's food cake served in a trifle dish with whipped cream and chocolate-vanilla pudding between the layers. It was packed with Skor. When we make it with Heath bars, since we can almost never find Skor, it just doesn't taste quite the same. ~Kit from Maryland

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